School ‘banishes’ 7yo student for saying he doesn’t believe in God

I swear, this reads like an upcoming South Park script. I don’t even think they actually use scripts. Ever see the documentary where they create an episode in like a day? Their script consisted of last minute ideas scribbled on a chalkboard after hours and hours of brainstorming. The joke is, Matt Stone and Trey Parker don’t have to try so hard, because all they have to do is literally mimic an article like this and they have another episode!

A child is banished from his classmates AND friends because he expressed he said he didn’t believe in God. You might think it was out of peer to peer bullying, but you would be so wrong. The school orchestrated and maintained the banishment. The playground supervisor, the teacher, and other school staff seemed in agreement that the child should be exiled from the others because his lack of God offends others.

This sounds like a simple incident was way over blown, and as a consequence the child couldn’t hangout with his friends at lunch. Just about every other kid will notice that and began asking why. Anyone that went through public school knows that the child will face judgement from his peers. Poor kid.

How is this a Christian thing to do? Jesus spoke in direct opposition to judgement.

What’s your reaction to this?

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