Writer’s Block

An idea suddenly appears, emerging out from the darkness like a blast of light. An overwhelming sense of inspiration rushes through you in vibrant waves, empowering you to craft the wondrous and frantic thoughts in your head into something tangible.

But inspiration can vanish just as quickly as it appears, leaving you staring at a black space. A blank space that seems to mock you as you struggle to find the words.

Writers in of all kinds seem destined to face this delima at least once in their life. And the question is, what helps?

What helps overcome those moments when inspiration suddenly stops?

Is it searching for the source? Is it searching for a certain feeling?

I don’t know for sure. I have, of course, tackled this problem before. But what worked for me, my not work for everyone else. For me, it was remembering who I was writing for. It sounds so simple and cliché,  but it involved time and soul searching.

I invite fellow writers to share their experience with writer’s block.


  1. I’ve had my bouts with writer’s block many times and the only way I can face it is to take a deep breath and write anyways, even if it’s horrible. Because once your inspiration comes back you can work with terrible, but you can’t work with nothing. At least that’s my mentality towards it.

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