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Why the hell did FOX sow his mouth shut the first time? Is it because Deadpool’s sense of humor and fourth wall breaking presence would steal Wolverine’s spotlight?


Though Ryan Reynolds wasn’t enough to save the colossal dump that was The Green Lantern, his sarcastic and smug sense of humor should only enhance what appears to be an enjoyable popcorn flick. I don’t expect Deadpool to be the next Iron Man, but if done right the fourth wall breaking hook could give Deadpool a unique feel.

But, if done wrong. The thing that made Deadpool really stand out from other Marvel comics would be lost, leaving just another super hero with sort of funny but quickly tiresome one-liners. Don’t forget that this is FOX. The same studio that produced mediocre Wolverine films, and featured Deadpool only to throw him away. Seriously,  what was that about?

Howevet, the trailers were released in respect to what makes Deadpool different, and I am curious to see if this movie will have even more enjoyable surprises.

What are your thoughts?

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