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Month: August 2015

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Online Comments and Character

A string of text, a collection of words and phrases forming sentences, paragraphs, and so forth. Disconnected from the author, yet it has an author, and with an author comes ownership. This body of words and phrases is more than just text, it is thoughts and opinions formed into a narrative. It seems too easy to view the narrative in […]

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Melissa’s Hobby by Sean Glasheen

When I was in my twenties, recovering from that whole drunk delirium of being a teenager, I joined the army. I was a good soldier; I tied my laces, buckled my helmet, straightened my sheets, and listened to my superiors. And it was all a waste of time; when bullets flew, and blood became a more common sight than friendly […]

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Self-identity and Fiction

The vampire. A creature of the night that embodies charisma, strength, and control. Attributes that most either aspire for, or long to be the subject of. The curse of being abandoned, exiled, and forgotten may even seem trivial when fear and power are weighted in. In short, the vampire is characterized in such a way to bring out admiration, desire, […]

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Beyond a Good Read

A finite game is played for the purpose of winning, an infinite game for the purpose of continuing the play. James P. Carse, Finite and Infinite Games: A Vision of Life as Play and Possibility How does this play with literature? Reading a book there is the finite purpose of completing from cover to cover. The “winning” goal. Yet, even then […]

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The Hidden Pain

A brilliant actor that enlightened as much as he entertained. Robin Williams touch all of our hearts through classics. Though not all his films were on equal standing, they all benefited from his on-screen presence. Hook. He had a smile, comedic voice, and an energy that found light in the darkest of subjects. Patch Adams. His dramatic roles. Robin Williams […]

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Happy Birthday!

It’s August 11th, which means two things: the scorching Texas summer heat is almost over, and it’s my birthday! Fuck, yeah! Allow me to gloat all about me, me, me! Ugh, not even I would want to read through that. What I do enjoy, however, is playing drinking games, and especially with zombies and hand grenades! Just makes sure you […]

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Do You Read more Men or Women Authors?

Though not interested in bashing one specific gender as solely responsible for the disproportionate number of men to women authors. Different times, different mind sets, and different values. However, I am open for discussion on the subject and how it has shaped your view in literature and writing. With that said, please enjoy Do You Read more Men or Women […]