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Payment policy changes

As an author, I wrote because I wanted to, because I needed to. By channeling my emotions and thought into the craft, I created fantastic and horrific environments rich with jaded and broken characters that resembled my reality.

There is little I enjoy more than knowing that someone has read and commented on my work. I know that others, other authors share the same.

Effective today, Deadman’s Tome will offer payments to authors based on how well their story is received. Now, I know that there are hidden gems, stories that the editor enjoyed, but somehow went overlooked. I’ll address those situations when they arise.

Deadman’s Tome will offer Authors published from this date, 6/21/2015, payment based on readership. This payment is calculated $.05 US per likes, shares, and $.10 US comments for a three month period after date of publish.

Take care,

Jesse Dedham

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