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Month: April 2015

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Read, Like, Share

The featured authors worked hard crafting their stories, and you reward them each and every time you read their content. Your appreciation and likes for their content, for the story that grabbed you, encourages others to read. When you read into the story and become emerged in the descriptive text, note that sharing helps others discover. and the authors receive […]

Horror 5

The Memory Chamber by S.J. Budd

“If you want to proceed, you’ll need to sign here.” Jennifer James took the pen and consent form in her shaking hands, “Has someone gone over the risks with you? I must remind you how dangerous this can be.” “Yes, yes, that I could lose all my memories for good and become a vegetable, blah, blah, blah.” Dr Fawcett pushed […]

Horror 0

Scuttle Bug by Matthew Johnson

Amanda’s gut churned, ripping the delicate fabric of sleep. Her eyes flew open as waves of pain shuddered between her legs. She threw off the covers, thoughts veiled in thick fog of disbelief, a dream-like numbing skirting the edges of nightmare, and slowly, as another wave of pain struck, she comprehended what was happening and screamed. Visible in the morning […]

Horror 3

More Plastic Wrap by Florence Ann Marlowe

The gloom descended on him the moment his sneaker touched the broken walk leading to his mother’s house.  It was as if a cloud had taken up permanent residence over the green tiled house.  Michael looked up at the grimy windows and they stared back with baleful black eyes. “The beast” as Michael liked to call it, waited for his […]