Open For Submissions!

Deadman’s Tome is open for submissions.

Writers of horror, send to the Tome stories of so terrifying, so horrific, that the very text haunts the reader!

Please send short story submissions of no more than 5000 words to

Deadman’s Tome will offer payment for certain submissions based on quality. Minimum of $5 with additional payout based on performance and reception calculated at a rate held at the discretion of the Editor-in-chief.


      1. Oh great! I am starting a network for writers to launch in October and besides submitting, I would be happy to add your to our open call section.

  1. I will send you James Watts for a possible prospect; I don’t know if Nicholas Tillemans is still active but check out Chimeraworld #2 before considering him though because he’s invoked some backdrafts in vampire fiction circles with Perloined Lips Of Destiny. He’s pretty damn fucked up as a horror author, seeing the insight I gave you on David — he is a good fit for here though his influences are very disarming. He will piss off Pastor Steven Anderson; as I will send another your way too.

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