As the title reveals, I’m not too sure about the longevity of Deadman’s Tome. The truth is that submissions have not been coming in, and it might have something to do with the lack of site promotion. The drive I had for the site, the passion, has been derailed simply due to distraction and priorities.

To reveal even more, I work at a psychiatric facility as a mental health tech and deal with a mountain of absurd, unfathomable stuff on a daily basis. When I get off of work, I don’t feel like plugging the site or even plugging one of my own productions. I feel like having a beer, lifting weights, and perhaps attending to the grad work I’ve been meaning to complete.

While it is saddens me that Deadman’s Tome may not exist a few months from now, it served its purpose. The site gave exposure to writers of various skill and style. But in this day and age, anyone with wifi access can create their own means of exposure. A simple blog could achieve what Deadman’s Tome did for some. The difference is that I put money in advertising and struggled to get it “out there” but that’s the price.

My overall point is that I don’t have the drive I once did for Deadman’s Tome. I have other priorities now. To those that have assisted Deadman’s Tome throughout the years, thank you. I will stay in contact and will help promote your future titles anytime. I will create a more personalized blog in the future, one that allows me to focus on giving back to the authors that assisted me.




  1. I’m sorry to hear the Deadman’s Tome is likely to be put to rest, but I know I understand your position and I’m sure most other’s do also.

    Best to you in your future endeavors.

    G.J. Wise

  2. I am contacting you on behalf of my client Shirley A. Martin. I would be very appreciative if you could publish this press release on her behalf.
    Belinda Rainwater

    Author, Shirley A. Martin, to Release Her Much Anticipated Continuation to “Bloodline Gypsy”.

    Big Bear Lake, California, November 11, 2014 – Ruv Bengalo is poised to hit the presses.

    Southern California resident and local sensation, Shirley A. Martin, has intrigued and tantalized audiences all across America with her folklore come to life book, Bloodline Gypsy. Now, she is getting ready to release the continuation, Ruv Bengalo. Get ready for the action to reach new, heart-pounding levels!

    Until November 21st, 2014, a campaign to raise the necessary awareness and funding for the publishing of Ruv Bengalo is running on Indiegogo. This is an opportunity to support an up-and-coming literary genius, Shirley Martin for Ruv Bengalo, under the “Writing” category.

    Shirley A. Martin is an accomplished author and storyteller and she will continue to enthrall her audiences with this tale of chilling beauty and magic. Ten gift certificates for the Kindle version of the book, Bloodline Gypsy, are being given away. Check out the Facebook page “Bloodline Gypsy, Jook and Gypsies” for details on your chance to acquire one of these for yourself or as a gift.

    Belinda Rainwater (agent for Shirley A. Martin)

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