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March To The Grave!

The warmongers are beating on drums, rattling sabers, and thirst for blood. A terror attack hits us at home, hits our allies, hits our friends. Fear scorches the flesh of a wounded heart, and anger grows inside, infecting, corrupting. We’re marching towards war, another world war, yet we’re actually already at war. Military forces are active in foreign lands, bullets are fired, bombs are dropped, and bodies… … Continue reading March To The Grave!

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Cthulhu Beckons You!

To Pay Your Respects! March arrives and with it comes The Ancient Ones! A great tribute to the dark and deeply disturbed mind responsible for the creation of Cthulhu and the other Elder Gods. H. P. Lovecraft may have been relatively unknown during his time, but now he is remembered as one of the legends. And Deadman’s Tome is going to pay its respects to the … Continue reading Cthulhu Beckons You!

Meat by Belinda Brady

“Are you okay?” I ask my roommate, Toni, as I enter our living room. “Yes, I’m fine. Why?” she responds from her seat on the couch, not looking up from the television.  “Well, I just heard you sneezing, and I just…”  She looks at me, her face expressionless. “I’m fine. It’s just the dust. I’ll vacuum later.” She looks back at the television.  “Sure. We … Continue reading Meat by Belinda Brady

March Monster Madness – Nyah VS The Wasp Woman

Deadman’s Tome Monster Madness kicks off in March with a battle between the female monsters in horror. For our first monster face-off we have Nyah from the Devil Girl From Mars VS The Wasp Woman. Don’t let Nyah’s cheesy costume, and even cheesier movie fool you. While Nyah has a tendency to talk until the cows come home, she’s equipped with a ray gun that … Continue reading March Monster Madness – Nyah VS The Wasp Woman

Deadman’s Tome Podcast – Chris Miller

Chris Miller comes on the Deadman’s Tome podcast to talk about his new book The Damned Ones, a follow-up to his well-received The Damned Place. Twenty-six years after The Damned Place, Jim Dalton is now chief of police in the formerly sleepy town of Winnsboro, where a series of brutal murders leads him to believe something insidious is lurking just beneath the surface. As he … Continue reading Deadman’s Tome Podcast – Chris Miller