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Conversation with Deborah Sheldon

Deborah meets with Mr. Deadman to talk about her writing, horror, and anything else that might come up during the conversation. Word has it that a possible mystery guest might […]

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7 Reasons Why Your Book Isn’t Finished!

1) You haven’t even started! The number one reason why your book isn’t finished is because your lazy ass haven’t even started. Oh, I don’t have the time. Find the […]

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The Zelda Game You Probably Didn’t Play!

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening came out in 1993, but chances are you probably didn’t play it, not unless you had a Gameboy or Gameboy Color at the time. […]

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Conversation with Josh Finney

Coming on for a second time, Josh Finney, graphic artists behind Casefile: Arkham, chats about horror, Kaijus, and anything else that comes up. Today at 9:30 CST

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Shocking Truth About Creativity

If you’re a creative person, then you know what I’m about to say is true. Creativity is empowering and theraputic. How do you feel when you act upon your creative […]

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Conversation with Nuzo Onoh

Are you ready to learn about African Horror? Nuzo Onoh (A.K.A. “The Queen of African Horror”) meets with Mr. Deadman to talk about how she got into writing and story […]

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Horror for Charity!

  Mechanisms of Despair, Gary Buller’s debut collection, features dark psychological horror that will keep you hooked. This collection contains some of of Gary’s earlier works that have be re-written […]

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[TMG5] The Stranger – James Matthew Byers

The Stranger   The stranger knocked upon the door, A creaking, wooden throb, And someone on the other side Unlatched and turned the knob. Uncertainty, a soft, “Hello,” And, “May I use your phone?” The person on the other side Appeared to be alone. An observation taken in, No pictures on the wall. He pointed somewhere down the way- “Go […]